Table of Contents

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        Features28The Big Chill
        Devon Clary, Todd Van de Bussche, Malorie Janis, and Michelle Gossip
        32Collaborating for Safety
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        Michael Sahjian, John R Spencer, and Matt Branconnier
        Peer Reviewed34Post-Clinical Trial Survey of Emergency Medical Services Providers: Research Experience and Attitudes
        Jolene Fox, Suzanne Day, Lisa Reynolds, and Frank Thomas
        40A Literature Review of Air Medical Work Hazards and Pregnancy
        Patricia Van Dyke
        In This Issue62009 Association Award Winners
        82010 Association Offices and Boards of Directors
        10Climbing to a Higher Level––a Tribute to Gerhard Kugler, 1935-2009
        11Ask the CAMTS
        Compliance with Accreditation Standards
        Eileen Frazer
        14Literature Review
        Etomidate Versus Ketamine, Disaster Triage
        Daniel Hankins
        16MedEvac Foundation International News
        Grant Recipients
        18Safety Matters
        Weather Cynicism 101
        Ed MacDonald
        20Concern Network