In Brief| Volume 25, ISSUE 1, P1, January 2006

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Table of contents

        Tabled 1
        42006 Association Offices and Boards of Directors
        16Western Nebraska Flight Program Celebrates a Decade of Service
        Holly Sterkel
        Peer Reviewed
        18Medical Helicopters in Wilderness Search and Rescue Operations
        Colin K. Grissom, Frank Thomas, and Brett James
        26Transport of Winter Resort Injuries to Regional Trauma Centers
        Christy L. McCowan, Frank Thomas, Eric R. Swanson, Stephen Hartsell, Janet Cortez, Sue Day, and Diana L. Handrahan
        35Oxygen Conservation During Long Distance Transport of Ventilated Patients: Assessing the Modified Circle System
        Tim Lowes and Peter Sharley
        40Unusual Placement of an Endotracheal Tube in a Patient with Blunt Traumatic Airway Injuries
        Leanne Perez, Edward Klofas, Conrad Vial, and Jessica Donington
        In This Issue
        6Ask the CAMTS
        Revising Standards
        Eileen Frazer
        7NEW! Safety Matters
        We Are Here to Help
        Ed MacDonald
        8NEW! Case Review
        Case Review: Motor Vehicle Crash with Multiple Injuries
        David W. Ross and Carol Wichman
        10NEW! Concern Network