Concern Network| Volume 25, ISSUE 1, P10-11, January 2006

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Concern Network

        The Concern Network shares verified information to alert medical transport programs when an accident/incident has occurred. Both air and ground programs are encouraged to participate. If you have questions, contact CONCERN Coordinator David Kearns at (800) 525-3712 or
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        9/6/05Saint Alphonsus Life Flight, Boise, IDCJ Systems Aviation GroupClear. Not a factorAgusta A119 KoalaPilot, flight nurse, flight paramedic, patient/none
        During a patient transport from McCall to Boise, ID, at 1500′ AGL level flight in uncontrolled airspace, they suddenly encountered a twin Cessna at 12 o'clock and ∼? mile, also at level flight. Just before this, the Cessna announced its vague location and it omitted its altitude and intentions. As our pilot keyed the microphone to seek clarification, he spotted the aircraft and immediately performed an abrupt evasive maneuver. After he recovered, he contacted the Cessna via radio for further information. The Cessna was en route to McCall Airport and was clearly out of the published approach path. This incident was referred to the FAA.
        9/12/05Native Air Services, Inc., Addison, TXOmniflightClear nightAS 350 B2Pilot, flight nurse, flight paramedic, patient/none
        In the vicinity of Casa Grande, AZ, while en route to the destination hospital with a patient, the aircraft experienced a bird strike. The pilot made a precautionary landing at Casa Grande Municipal Airport without incident. A maintenance inspection revealed that the bird struck the area of the oil cooler fan intake, with no resultant damage. The aircraft was later returned to service.
        9/19/05Saint Alphonsus Life Flight, Boise, IDConyan AviationClear. Not a factorPiper Cheyenne IIIPilot, flight nurse, flight paramedic/none
        While landing at the John Day Airport, Oregon, to receive a patient, the aircraft experienced a unilateral brake failure. During recovery maneuvers, the aircraft departed the side of the runway onto soft ground. The landing gear sunk into the soft ground just enough that the right side propellers struck the ground and the prop blades were damaged. After inspection and repair, the aircraft was flown back to Boise the next day. The patient was transported that night by a neighboring air medical service.
        9/22/05Med Flight of Ohio, Columbus, OHOmniflightClear. Not a factorBK-117Pilot, flight nurse, 3 passengers, no patient/none
        Med Flight 1 experienced an undetermined incident that resulted in a hard landing with aircraft damage at OSU Airport, Columbus, Ohio.
        9/23/05Flying Eagle, Fairbanks, AKWarbelow's Air Ventures, Inc.Clear. Not a factorPA31T-2Pilot, 2 EMT IIIs, patient, passenger/none
        The Flying Eagle Air Ambulance, while 15 miles from approach to FAI, performed a precautionary engine shut-down after a crewmember reported smoke from the left engine. After shut-down the aircraft made an uneventful single-engine landing. The patient was transferred to the ground transport ambulance while airport emergency services were at ready stand-by.
        9/29/05Airlift Northwest, Seattle, WACJ Systems Aviation GroupMarginal VFRAgusta A109/Stephen M. Smith, pilot/fatal, Lois Susuki, flight nurse/fatal, Erin Reed, flight nurse/fatal
        At approximately 2115, the Airlift 4 aircraft crashed into the waters of Puget Sound near Edmonds, Washington. All aboard the aircraft perished.
        10/07/05LifeStar of Erie, PACJ Systems AviationNight, IFRAgusta 109PowerHeinz Shulz, pilot/fatal
        After completing the GPS approach into Kane Community Hospital (Kane, PA) on an IFR clear ance, the flight nurse and paramedic disembarked to prepare a patient for a flight to Pittsburgh. During this time, the pilot was to fly 10 nautical miles to the northeast to KBFD to efuel. The pilot departed on an IFR clearance and was radar identified by Cleveland Center at 2236 EDT and subsequently cleared for the ILS 32 approach in KBFD at 2341. This was the last radio contact with the aircraft. The refueler at the FBO overheard the above radio transmissions and was awaiting the arrival of N7YL. When the aircraft failed to arrive, he notified Cleveland Center and Kane Community Hospital, who informed the waiting flight crew. At that time, the missing aircraft procedure was activated. Following an extensive search, involving local Bradford area and Erie County agencies, along with other regional ground and air assets, the aircraft was located October 9 in a heavily wooded area, 4.65 nautical miles southeast of KBFD.
        10/22/05Air Evac Lifeteam, West Plains, MOOwn Part 135Clear. Not a factorBH 206 L-3Pilot, flight nurse, flight paramedic/none
        Aircraft was on final approach to Marble Falls, Texas, helipad. At approximately 100 feet AGL the aircraft experienced a partial power loss for undetermined reasons. The result was a hard landing with tail boom damage.
        10/28/05AeroCare Medical Transport Systems, Inc., Sugar Grove, ILR&M AviationClear. Not a factorKing Air 90Pilot, flight nurse, flight paramedic/none
        Shortly after takeoff the cabin door opened Pilot was able to make an immediate landing. All crewmembers were in their seats with seatbelts on. There were no injuries or loss of equipment.