In This Issue| Volume 23, ISSUE 2, P29, March 2004

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        • 1.
          C. Henry's
          Henry's law states that the amount of gas in solution is proportional to the partial pressure of that gas over the solution. As PaO2 falls in the alveoli, the amount of O2 diffused into the blood decreases. (Flight Nursing Core Curriculum, p. 4)
        • 2.
          C. Head at back of plane
          Positioning the patient's head at front of plane causes a decrease in venous return and CO during acceleration. Place the patient's head at the rear of the plane to prevent further compromise. (Flight Nursing Core Curriculum, p. 18)
        • 3.
          B. Slowly descend
          You should instruct the pilot to start a slow descent. Your patient is experiencing signs of sinus block. Other symptoms include teeth and gum pain and lacrimation, which will increase with ascent. After starting a slow descent, apply direct pressure and topical vasoconstrictors. (Flight Nursing Core Curriculum, p. 15-6)
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          D. Septal wall MI
          The LAD supplies the anterior, septal, and a small amount of the lateral wall.